Broad Based and Diversified Programming

ACE Theatrical Group excels at providing a wide variety of programming in its network of venues. ACE's facilities are available for use by performing arts organizations, presenters and promoters from across the nation. Emphasis is placed on providing a mix of performance genres and disciplines, reflective of the communities we serve, with active local coordination. In achieving the goals of the community, the success of ACE is measured by the volume, quality and diversity of activities offered, and the reach each venue gains into the community.

Categories of Programming
  • Musical Theatre
  • Special Theatrically-Styled Attractions
  • Fine Arts Attractions
  • National Music & Comedy Artists
  • Children's and Family Entertainment
  • Cultural Attractions serving the community's ethnic diversity
  • Community-based Partnerships to support Local Arts & non-profit agencies
    by activating venue usage
  • Educational Outreach & Commencement Exercises
  • Festivals & Community Celebrations
  • Corporate Events
  • Special Events in Convention, Film and Television Industries

Quality Customer Service

The first step in customer service is to know who our customers are. In our case, our customers are segmented into theatre patrons, local arts groups, commercial producers and presenters, the local business and governmental community.

Theatre Patrons

Our philosophy emphasizes that good customer service begins long before they reach our front door and continues well beyond the conclusion of the event. We seek to provide an experience that will lead the patron to return to the theater again and again. Our philosophy is to treat every attendee to the theater as a guest of ours, regardless of who the presenter or promoter may be. In a business that deals with hundreds of thousands of patron encounters each year, per venue, our management staff is present at all events to actively ensure that all patrons, including those with questions, concerns and complaints are provided the very best service possible.

Producers, Managers, Promoters and Presenters

Representing the lifeblood of venue activity, both aggressive marketing and great customer service should be employed with these important customers of the theater. Professional negotiation and booking practices, excellent service to ensure return bookings, consistent and standardized operational policies and procedures emphasizing the highest standards in the theatre management industry, are key to great relationships in our industry. We pursue this philosophy as we seek to create successful, long-term relationships with our producers, managers, promoters and presenters and to maximize each of their potential for sustained quality presentations over the years.

Business & Governmental Relations

ACE recognizes the tremendous investment the entertainment venues represent to the communities they serve. ACE establishes and maintains special lines of communication between itself and the municipal staff and elected leadership in each community. Whether in formal presentations, or informal answers to questions, ACE works to maintain these ongoing relationships in order to keep community leadership of each project properly informed.

Community Involvement

ACE fosters collaborative working relationships with local performing arts organizations providing high quality services at competitive prices. We expect to work with and encourage partnerships with community, educational and civic organizations to serve the broadest segment of the community possible. ACE acts as a catalyst for initiatives geared to positively impact the continued revitalization and growth of the community.

Our management philosophy is one in which we operate not just as a self-sustaining venue operator, but also as a multi-purpose cultural arts center with a community focus. By blending our unique entrepreneurial management model with local outreach, we create a more diverse and professionally managed performing arts center which meets the goals of each community.

First Class Venue Operations and
Physical Plant Maintenance

ACE has experience in managing different types of first class theatrical venues, both newly constructed venues as well as historic theatres, and landmark facilities.

We are intimately knowledgeable about the wear and tear and customized care of these venues. We divide our physical plant maintenance between self-performed work, conducted by our employees, along with sub-contracts for the specialized work needed in the operation of a public assembly facility.

Our first class venue operations not only include implementation of a regular daily program of maintenance and repair, but also extend to our professional event staffing. Great emphasis is placed on a standardized plan for consistent, good customer service, creating a business model that provides the same professionalism, without regard for the genre of entertainment. Every customer is greeted with a smile and is treated with respect.